101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home

101 Things You Should Do

While perusing a home furnishing store with my sister, I came upon a neat little book by David Bordon and Tom Winters: 101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home. With four children of my own, the title alone drew me to open it. What were these 101 things, and had we actually done any of them?

The List

Upon first inspection, I found there was no real order to the “things”; the table of contents is a numbered list featuring all of them. Each “thing” actually fills two pages, with the “thing” written in larger print on the left and an explanation on the right.

We’ve Done Some Things!

My sister surprised me with the book as a gift, and I immediately pulled out a highlighter and began looking through the list. My children were growing older – how many of these things had we actually done? I marked the ones we had accomplished in yellow, which to my surprise were quite a few. Some of them were:

  • Plant a Family Tree
  • Make Your Kids All Home-Movie Stars
  • Treat Your Kids to “Only Child” Dates
  • Join a Parade
  • Invite a Dog, Cat, Guinea Pig, or Bird to Share Your Domicile (or in our case, all four of them!)
  • Pick Up Trash in a Park
  • Round Up the Family for a Reunion
  • Have a Family Pen Pal
  • Fly High with a Kite
  • Trace Your Child’s Silhouette

There’s More to Do!

But like the title says, there are 101 activities to try. I don’t anticipate being able to highlight all of them with my yellow marker, but this book is a fun resource for ideas of ways to spend time together. Some of the “things” in the book that we plan on doing include:

  • Serve in a Soup Kitchen
  • Do Silly Serenades
  • Pitch a Tent Indoors
  • Create and Bury a Time Capsule
  • Organize a Search for Teddy Bears in the Dark
  • Open a Snow Cone Stand
  • Share Family Recipes
  • Run Through the Sprinklers – Fully Dressed
  • Thank a Soldier
  • Stand Together on the Edge of the Grand Canyon

101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home is a great reminder that we need to teach, shape, and enjoy our children while they’re still at home. What are some “things” you’ve done to make memories with your children?

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