A Great Group Game – Telephone Pictionary

Telephone Pictionary

Telephone Pictionary is one of our favorite group games, whether it’s a rainy afternoon, a small party, or a family reunion. The more people playing, the more fun it is! And all it requires is a little bit of writing and a few stick figures.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Small sheets of paper (about ¼ sheet of copy paper)

Pencils or pens (one per person)

How to Play

Provide each player with enough paper so that each one has as many pieces as the number of people playing. For example, if there are five people playing, give every player a small stack of five pieces of paper. If you have eight people playing, give every player eight pieces of paper.

To start, each person writes a sentence on the top sheet of paper. It can be an ordinary statement, such as, “The boy had a cat.” Or it can be a little more creative, such as, “The tall skinny boy ran through the field with his pet tiger.” Wait until every player has written a sentence.

Now, pass the whole stack of papers to the player to your left. Players read the sentences silently and slip that top piece to the bottom of the stack. Players must then draw a picture illustrating the sentence. Don’t worry if your drawing skills aren’t the best; anything will do! Stick figures are a favorite when my family plays this game.

When everyone has completed their drawings, pass the whole stack of papers to the left again. Players will then study the drawing (for just a minute), decide what it’s depicting, move it to the bottom of the stack, and write a new sentence about it on the top sheet.  Most likely, it won’t be the same as the original sentence.

Then pass the stacks again! This time, players have a new sentence to illustrate. Players will read the sentence, place that paper under the others, then draw a new picture.

Play continues around the circle until every player has added to each stack of papers. You’ll want to end with a sentence, however, so if you have an even number of players, you’ll stop passing the papers just before the last person receives them.

Were You Right?

Now for the fun! Go through each stack one at a time, beginning with the original sentence. Read the sentence out loud, then show everyone the picture that follows. Then read the next sentence and show the picture the follows it. Continue until you reach the last sentence. It’s usually a lot different from the first!

What games have you enjoyed at get-togethers?

Photo by (Carrie Sloan)

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