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Learning can be fun and educational at the same time. So can games. Chess is a challenging but fun game that more and more kids are picking up every day. With the rise of its popularity, sites are emerging that help kids with the game

Chess Kid is a site that teaches kids how to play the game of chess. They can also practice by challenging kids from around the world. With this safe website, parents or teachers are able to manage the account created.

Through this site, kids will learn the rules and strategies behind the game of chess. These skills also go hand in hand with memorization, patience and sportsmanship, all things to be carried over in other aspects of life.

With puzzles and other exercises and review lessons and activities, students will be busy learning, no matter what they are doing. The game of chess can also help students with their math skills, problem solving and decision making skills. Deductive reasoning and critical thinking are just a few more skills that are practiced with the game of chess.

The American Chess Foundation has done research and found that chess can improve a child’s visual memory, attention span, spatial reasoning skills, capacity to predict and anticipate consequences, and the ability to use criteria to drive decision making and evaluate alternatives.

Kids can jump on the computer right after school and visit this site. They’ll be so engaged in this site and the game; they may even forget they are learning!

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