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About me Collage

Here’s a fun activity for every member of the family – an “About Me” collage! What you’ll need:

Canvas boards (8” x 10” or 11” x 14”) – You can purchase these from art and craft stores or other stores that sell craft items. They cost about $2 each.

Modge Podge – Also at art and crafts stores. There are many types of Modge Podge available now, including matte finish (plain), glossy finish (shiny), glitter (sparkles when dry), and outdoor.

Foam brushes – These are usually just a dollar or two for a pack of them. Use them once, then throw them away.


Styrofoam Plate


How to Start your About Me Collage

Flat items/pictures that represent you. You can use pictures printed off the computer, or you might find what you need in a magazine. You can also use your own photos.

  • Photos of you, family members, friends, pets, house, yard
  • Photos of favorite places – vacation spots, favorite parks, stores, etc.
  • Items from vacations – maps, postcards, etc.
  • Print-outs of favorite poems, inspirational quotes, etc.
  • A print-out of your name or initials
  • Pictures from magazines of favorite foods, hobbies, movies, sports, books, etc.
  • Copies of favorite music or CD covers

Begin by covering the work area with newspaper. Now cut, crop, and trim the pictures to the size you need. Take a few minutes to arrange them on the board and see how they fit. You can overlap the pictures and turn them at different angles. You might have too many pictures for the board; if so, just choose which ones to use. If you find you don’t have enough, simply cut out some more.

When you’re satisfied with the arrangement, pour some of the Modge Podge on the Styrofoam plate. Next, choose a picture and use the brush to put some Modge Podge on the back of it. The Modge Podge will work like glue. Smooth the picture down. Repeat with the rest of the pictures.

When all the pictures are secure, brush some more Modge Podge over top of them to seal the collage. Don’t make it too thick, as you want the Modge Podge to dry clear. Allow it to dry overnight.

To display your collage, you can put it in an open frame without glass, or you can hot glue a ribbon on the back of it. Either way, it’s a great way to tell the world about you!

Photo by ianus

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