Activities to Develop Visual Skills

Developing visual skills includes visual memory, eye and movement coordination and pattern recognition. There are a lot of ways to help this development in your child via activities and games.

Here are some examples of activities to strengthen your child’s visual ability, depending on their age and ability.

-Playing with manipulative toys like Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys,  Lego and stacking blocks

-Hammering nails into a board

-Food preparation such as  spreading, pouring, mixing, and cutting

-Dialing a telephone

-Tracing, folding, cutting paper

-Zipping, snapping, buttoning, and tying

-Batting balloons to keep them in the air

-Draw shapes in the air for child to recognize

-Doge ball

-Drawing shapes with fingers in sand tray

-Catching, throwing, rolling balls start with large balls

-Sorting various objects (blocks, beads) by colors, shapes, etc

-Matching pictures and objects that are alike


-Stringing beads to match a pattern

-Play games like dominos and cards

-Geoboards and pegboards

-Matching design cards

-Discussing similarities and differences between two family members or friends

-Show your child a tray with objects.Remove object and ask what’s missing

-Ask your child to review surroundings then ask them to describe with eyes closed

-Show your child a picture, cover it, then ask him to child recall what he saw

-Show your child a sequence of blocks, cover it and have him build sequence

-Draw a house with parts; erase one part at a time for them to identify

-Draw a simple design, cover it and ask child to draw it

-One person hides and ask your child to recall what the person was wearing

Article By Nuria Almeida

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