Adrenaline Rush

We have dogs we walk everyday. Most often these walks are uneventful and a great way for our little one to squeeze in a nap in the stroller. Once in a while, the walks turn eventful and the other day my son got to experience it.

Adrenaline Rush

We were walking along a quiet street about seven blocks from home and heard a sort of pounding coming at a clipped pace behind us.  I heard the very distinct sound of tags hitting each other.  These are all the telltale sounds of a loose dog.  My son turned to look back along with our dogs, who immediately tensed.  I turned as I kept pushing the stroller.  I instructed my son and the dogs to walk quickly however my heart almost leapt our of me as I watched a giant white dog closing in, running at full speed towards us.

When the dog reached us, we tried to shoo him away but he was not interested.  He was intent on sniffing our dogs whose hackles were up.  My son and I stayed close to the stroller as the dog circled us.  Our eyes were bulging our of our heads we were so nervous.

Our hearts were racing.  My son commented he felt weird, like he could hear his blood running faster and thicker through his body. Suddenly, when things felt completely out of control, a man ran towards us calling his dog “Monster!”.  As soon as he had his dog in hand, sweat began to bead on our forehead and backs.

My son and I looked at each other astounded we had survived unscathed.  He was giddy with joy and as we walked home, he began to describe all the intense things he had felt during the encounter.

I explained that the scary event had caused our adrenaline level to rise. The adrenaline turned up the dial on our senses to the maximum setting, making everything more intense feeling.  My son was very interested, especially when he realized that adrenaline can spike when something fun and exciting happens.  Now he wants to recreate the feeling.  I suggested a break and he suggested sky diving!

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Andrea Nissolino

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