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Advertise it!

We see advertisements all day long – in magazines, on billboards, on television, even on the Internet. Advertisers decide who they want to purchase the product, then they “pitch” the product, telling consumers why they just have to buy it.

How to Play this Game

Want to try a bit of advertising? Here’s a fun activity to try with two or more people.

What you’ll need:

  • Miscellaneous items from around the house. The more random/strange/unusual the items are, the more fun it will be
  • A brown paper bag or a box that the items will fit in

What’s Next?

Put the items in the bag or box so no one can see them.

Have each person reach into the bag and pull out the first item they touch. This is the most fun when the participants haven’t seen any of the items before playing.

Now – advertise it! Take a few minutes to think of a way to “sell” the item to the people playing the game. First, consider who you’re selling to. Then, think of a reason why those individuals would “need” the item. What special functions does the item have? What can they use it for? How would it be helpful to them? Does it have any special features the audience should know about? How much does the item cost?

Older children can write down their advertisements, or they can just present them like commercials. To make it even more fun, provide each participant with some play money. Then, after the commercial, they can decide if they want to buy the item.

You’ll find that with a little imagination and some creativity, you can advertise almost anything!

Photo by Shovelling Son

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