Archery – A New Activity To Try

On a recent camping trip, as we walked in the woods, my son found some regular white string, probably a left over tent harness from wilderness campers.  Without a lot of fan fare,he grabbed a branch from a young tree to make a bow. After he worked a notch into the middle, he cut into either end of the stick and tied on the string to each, tautly. He also made the arrows- plain sticks with a pointy end. That’s was how he got started in archery. It’s become a wonderful afterschool past time  for him.

If you have kids that want to get started in archery, make sure that when they get serious enough to want a store bought bow, you take the time to have them fitted. If they try to shoot a bow that doesn’t fit,  they will never be able to get good at it and it wont be fun.

The best approach is to go to an archery shop, where you child will get properly fitted. There two important measurements will be taken:

-Draw length- distance from one hand to the other when the bowstring is pulled all the way back.

-Draw weight-how many pounds you’re pulling against when you pull the bowstring all the way back. Start them out with a low draw weight, gradually increasing as their muscles get stronger.

Then it’s time to choose a bow and the appropriate bows.  The best shops will guide you step by step. An archery purchase is not a good candidate for online shopping. To find a store near you, visit Archery Search.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By â˜º Lee J Haywood

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