Art Contests for the Fall

Art Contest

If your child likes to paint or draw, you might consider entering his or her work in an art contest. There are a number of art contests online that kids can’t enter throughout the year. My children have entered quite a few, and sometimes they win, and sometimes they don’t.

The Benefits

But these contests are beneficial to them in a number of ways. By working on a contest entry, they learn about deadlines and how to pace themselves so they finish a project on time. Especially with art contests, they learned that judging can be subjective, and what one judge really likes another might not care for at all. It doesn’t mean the piece wasn’t quality artwork; it just wasn’t what they were looking for.

Of course, with a good outcome the kids experience the thrill of winning. And when they don’t win, the disappointment serves as a valuable lesson too, as they learn how to empathize with others in that position. And they learn that even if they lose, they shouldn’t give up.

Upcoming Contests

If you’d like to help your child enter a contest, here are some offered this fall:

Animal Rescue TV Monthly Contest for ages 16 and under

Deadline: Ongoing

National Fossil Day Art and Photography Contest for all ages

Deadline: October 4, 2013

Save the Frogs for all ages

Deadline: October 15

Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors Art Contest for ages 19 and under

Deadline: November 1

English Idioms Contest for ages 8 to 12

Deadline:  November 22

Photo by NCBrian

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