Astronomy and Telescopes for Kids

Star gazing and planetary observation using a telescope is a great way to expose children to the wonders of astronomy. Especially during this time of year when it gets darker earlier, it’s a great afterschool activity.

Astronomy helps kids learn about planets and other celestial objects. You don’t need the most expensive telescopes to accomplish this.  A small and less expensive telescope made just for kids or amateur hobbyists could be just the right thing.

Its amazing how much small telescopes are capable of. They are intricate and strong enough to watch nearby objects,moon and planets. Some scopes can be used in conjunction with a digital camera and an adapter can even let you take some nice photos of the Moon and possibly the brightest planets! This scope’s primary use is for viewing (photography options will be limited).

Some details to keep in mind when selecting an entry level telescope suitable for kids are:

-50mm Telescope

-sturdy mount

-350 zoom magnification

-F8 Optical System

-6″ of aperture

-terrestrial viewing


-simple to set up and use

-avoid “object location”

-includes the ability and instructions to routinely collimate (align) the optics -well written instruction manuals -excellent online reviews

Invest in a telescope that is at least functional enough to let you see some planets in our solar system. Once your child finds and sees his first planet with it, he will be enchanted and astronomy could become a lifelong hobby.

For more information on telescopes and astronomy, visit Kids Astronomy.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By AndyRobertsPhotos

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