Babies Online Footprint

A recent poll conducted in ten countries, show that by the time a baby is two months old, they already have an online footprint. This is due to parents posting their sonogram pictures, newborn pictures, etc online to share with their family and friends. Many people create websites for their unborn children to share their experience or to keep loved ones informed of the progress of the pregnancy.

10 countries were surveyed, including the United States, Canada, and the UK. Here are some interesting statistics found in this survey:

  • 81% of parents of children under the age of two have uploaded images of their child online. USA being one of the highest countries.
  • 33% parents upload pictures of their newborns
  • 7% babies have an email account, Spain with the highest at 12%
  • 5% babies have a social network account, Highest Japan and Canada both at 8%

Some may consider these as alarming statistics and wonder whether the shared information, pictures and more, is secure online. One concern I would have about these children, born into the online-social-media era, is the differences in expectations on education from those of their parents. How will educators, schools, and homeschools methods adapt to meet their technology skills? It’s safe to say we have about four years to get ready for them!

Share with us your comments on implementing technology at your homeschool and curriculum or stories of online footprint of your own children. To read more about this survey,  read the blog from AVG.

Info-graphic provided by AVG

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