Balance Games

My son is like a gazelle. He is graceful and majestic when he runs or climbs or jumps.  He is nothing like me. However, he always brings over a friend who has not played much of anything physical in his life. In an effort to help him find his inner balance, per his request to my son, I started setting up balance games for them.

Playing balancing games provides a multi-sensory workout. To improve balance the brain, eyes and body have to work together by better communicating with each other. This takes practice.


There are lots of ways to incorporate balance but nothing beats balance games. Here are some simple examples:


The Potato and Spoon Race


Each child gets a spoon with a potato on it. They must try to complete the distance there and back without dropping the potato. With this game, the more the merrier. It’s fun and in our case we do not choose a winner.  It’s more just for practice.


Hold The Orange


This is usually a relay game  however fir our purposes, we just have the two boys work together.  This is how it works. They stand face to face and try to pinch an orange between their foreheads without using their hands and without dropping it. They must try to do this while they walk crab style the predetermined distance. It’s a lot harder than it looks. The first time we did it, the orange dropped quickly. After playing it about  a half dozen times, they can hold on to the orange for seven minutes! And they made it to the end twice!

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By  Thomas Guest

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