Basic Auto Maintenance for Kids

Though my son is still a few years away from driving himself, I thought it would be good to start some basic car maintenance ( now, especially since he’s interested. It’s knowledge that will be ingrained in him by the time he’s ready to get on the road if we perform those tasks together now. This will certainly make all of us less nervous about him driving off into the sunset when the time comes because he will truly be prepared.

Basic Auto Maintenance for Kids

With younger kids, this instruction will be mostly watching an adult do it with gradual increments of hands on learning, as some tasks would be dangerous for a younger child.

To start off, make a list of what is considered basic car maintenance; for example, changing a flat tire to a spare, pumping gas, emergency supply list for trunk, using jumper cables , checking oil, filling washer fluid, changing transmission fluid, talking to mechanics and filling a gas container.

Tips and warnings should be sprinkled throughout lessons, over and over to help them retain the information. Information such as:

-making sure that the car has at least a half a tank of gas before driving anywhere

-how to handle a blow out on the road while driving

-importance of auto emergency service, such as AAA

– to always have a charged cell phone

-keep a small notebook with simple what ifs in the car’s glove box

A great meter to whether your child is ready to drive is his or her ability to handle a vehicle emergency.  Starting this instruction early ensures they are prepared when the time comes.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By ashoe

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