We went on a tour at the local humane society and it was an eye opening experience for my son. He knew how shelters work but seeing it first hand is another thing.

What stuck with him was how many of the animals had no beds to sleep on. Some had a towel on the cement floor. Many had nothing, so their days are very uncomfortable.

As we drove home, he commented on this. I asked if he thought there may be something we could help with. After all, the shelter exists only through donations, not government assistance. He suggested that to begin with we could gather as many donated towels as possible. That way at least each homeless animal would have something.

Second, he brainstormed ways we could get shoe boxes to wrap in scraps of materials. Could we hit up some local shoe stores to donate?  Friends and neighbors could donate as well, couldn’t they?  Once we got these materials together, we could have some friends join us to get them ready. This part seemed easy to tackle. Everything could be donated and the labor would be fun and minimal.

What really had him thinking was the dogs. Towels would not be enough since they get wet when dogs have accidents. We realized elevated beds would be the most ideal option. And of course that would require some funding. This is a task that will require planning and a few weeks of commitment. We plan on making one at a time, for now.

For video tutorial or printable instruction on how to make the dog beds for your local shelter-


Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By bossco

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