Being Bored- the New Good

As I write this, my nine year old son is on the big trampoline outside, laid out flat, looking up … bored. He announced he was bored before he went out there and has since done nothing but lay down on the sunny spot in the trampoline.

Years ago, I would have observed this idleness with some alarm lest it be confused as laziness.  I was brought up to believe being still, idle and bored was very bad.

During these moments, when my son is idle, I have to stop the urge to put on the T.V., the computer or run out to a playground with him. I have to let the boredom play out. It is not a problem I need to fix.

The only thing I do is stop whatever I am doing and really focus him. I try to reconnect with him by hugging him and talking to him. I also ask him if he wants to help me with whatever I’m doing or if he would like to do something else together. If he’s still bored, I leave him alone.

It is during his idle or boring times that my son seems to reclaim his imagination. He seems to be full of ideas, creations, inventions and deep thoughts afterwards. I also notice is that after a deep bout of boredom, my son seems to appreciate activities, no matter how simple, much more.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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