Blogging For Kids

Recently my son was reading something online.  He was riveted! I usually find him watching YouTube  videos or playing  video games, so I was surprised to see him reading instead.  When I asked him what it was that was holding his interest and he said a friend’s blog.

Blogs are pages within a website where people write about their lives or any topic really. It is like a virtual dairy. I read a few myself – on subjects that interest me.

I had always assumed only adults wrote blogs.  It seems like young bloggers are actually more common than I realized.  I imagine its a good  way children improve writing skills and learn to express themselves.

My son pointed out how his friend has followers or subscribers to his blog from all over, including some from other countries.  His young friend writes about his thoughts, knowledge and opinions on various sports.

I asked my son if he he would like to write a blog and he responded maybe one day he would like to write about gaming skills.  He became very excited and told me some of his thoughts and ideas.  I loved hearing about it. I really hope to read about it one day.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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