Bottle-Cap Art

The holiday season is just around the corner. In our family we try to keep to homemade gifts for the most part; to keep the spirit of giving alive, while minimizing the commercialism and to, let’s face it, not break the bank! So every November, my son and I get to work at least one day a week afterschool to make everyone a gift.  Some years are crazy, especially when we are trying to make a special gift for each person.  This year we are keeping to one theme for everyone: bottle-cap art.

Bottle-cap art is the process of creating something artistic and unique out of common bottle caps.  The possibilities of creativitiy with this art surface are boundless, but for the purposes of holiday gifts, we have decided to stick to making fridge magnets. If we have time, we may make a necklace charm and maybe a key chain or two.

To make these, you need clean bottle caps, crystal clear lacquer and whatever else you want to put inside your bottle caps.  For example, we always use a background paper for each, but we can add gems, flowers, leaves, charms, stickers, or anything else that will fit inside. However, what you put in does not need to be completely beneath the surface. The laquer holds the contents of the caps in place, and dries like a crystal clear glass. Any piece that protrudes from the surface of the lacquer gives it a 3D feel.

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