Bug Watching

One of the most fun past times is watching bugs in their natural environments. Even the initial search is an adventure.  Play the great bug search satisfies kid’s exuberant curiosity and wonder for hours on end. All bugs are interesting but ants in particular are so busy they are endless source of entertainment and education.

As your child watches the ants,  he can learn how quickly ants will gobble up food that they find by performing a simple test.

Once your child finds an active ant hill, see how quickly they devour food your child puts out for them. Foods to use:


-Bread Crumbs




Your child can put the different food samples on a leaf or blade of grass.

Make sure your child places the different foods at least an inch apart. The food should also be an equal distance from the ant colony to make it a fair test.

Step away quietly for a few minutes.  When your child goes back, ask him to notice what food the ants are taking and which food they’re leaving.

Challenge your child to hypothesize and determine:

– What do the foods the ants have taken have in common?

-What about the foods they don’t want- what is different about them?

It’s not necessary to write the answers down. These experiences can sometimes be the most impressionable to a young person, because it is hands on and because of the quality time they get to spend with you, their parent.

For more bug adventures, visit here (http://www.squidoo.com/nature-focused-outdoor-activities-for-kids).

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By bby_

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