Busted! The Home-made Multiplication Facts Game Kids Love

Busted! is an exciting, fast paced, and inexpensive game you can make that your kids will love to play. It works best for 2-5 people to practice addition or multiplication facts.


  • Coffee Can or Small Basket
  • A Box of Craft Sticks

How to Make Busted!

Write a multiplication fact problem on each craft stick. For example, on the first craft stick, write 1 X 1. On the second, write 1 X 2 and so on until you have included all the facts your child needs to practice. As a teacher, I recommend going all the way to 12 X 12. On the remaining sticks, which should be about 10 -20 sticks, write the word BUSTED! Shuffle the sticks and place them standing up or face down in a coffee can and you are ready to play.

How to Play Busted!

Each player takes turns drawing sticks. When a stick is drawn, the player must say the correct answer to keep their stick. If the player answers incorrectly, or fails to answer he or she must throw the stick back in the basket. If a “Busted!” stick is drawn, the player must put all of their sticks back in the cup. The first player to win 10 sticks wins! Depending on the amount of facts you use when you create the game, you may need to adjust this number if the games are lasting too long or too short.

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