Getting Creative with Legos

My youngest loves Legos, and it seems like he has a room full of them. Almost every Christmas and birthday since he was about four years old, he has asked for a lego set. At first, he’ll build the set following the instructions. Then, over time, the set becomes dismantled and turns into something else. Lego Gifts This holiday season was all about Legos

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Art Contests for the Fall

If your child likes to paint or draw, you might consider entering his or her work in an art contest. There are a number of art contests online that kids can’t enter throughout the year. My children have entered quite a few, and sometimes they win, and sometimes they don’t. The Benefits But these contests are beneficial to them in a number of ways.

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My son is obsessed! Obsessed with Beyblades! I hear the spinning sound in my sleep. But, I don’t mind. This hobby has plenty of benefits, the least of which is it keeps him busy for hours. Beyblades is a Japanese manga series which focuses on these kids who battle each other using highly powerful spinning tops called “Beyblades”. The toy line incorporates the Beyblades

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Summer Essay and Poetry Contest | Poetic Power

Poetic Power Give your student(s) motivation, purpose, and an appreciation for writing and poetry this summer with the Poetic Power / Creative Communications poetry and essay contest. Every famous writer started somewhere… your student(s) can start here! K-12 students in the United States or Canada can submit their poems or essays for a chance to get published and win prizes. The best of the

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Follow the Stars Afterschool!

We all know the huge influence that television and music stars have on our children. For kids, they look up to stars their own age. Those kids that appear on the TV screen and in music videos are often trendsetters and leaders. Children often follow in the footsteps and beliefs of these stars they idolize. The Afterschool Alliance, known as the national voice of

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