Free After-school Classes

Now that kids are back in school and mostly settled into their routines,enriching and fun after-school programs are a priority to find for most families. Let’s face it. Since after-school activities take place in the afternoons of school days, they can really help working parents with childcare until they are done with work. Even though this is our primary motivation for having our kids

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Activities to Develop Visual Skills

Developing visual skills includes visual memory, eye and movement coordination and pattern recognition. There are a lot of ways to help this development in your child via activities and games. Here are some examples of activities to strengthen your child’s visual ability, depending on their age and ability. -Playing with manipulative toys like Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys,  Lego and stacking blocks -Hammering nails into

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101 things to do….

101 things to do…. As summer approaches, I try to start making a plan of possible activities to do with my kids and visiting nieces and nephews.  I find this list is just the thing to have on hand when the kids utter the dreaded phrase,”I’m bored!”.   Its amazing when kids say they are bored while they are surrounded by toys and gadgets

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Strike! – Bowling

Bowling is a great all year round sport that children can practice during the week and compete on weekends as part of a children’s league.  This is a classic fun game which also teaches consistency, patience and strategy. Being on a league also teaches children to be good teammates and to learn good sportsmanship. Bowling can be deceiving at first. It looks like a

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Sphinx Kids

Sphinx Kids is a part of the Sphinx Organization’s Classical Connections program, which strives to bring classical music into underserved schools in the United States.  However, your child can enjoy it too! Sphinx Kids contains interactive games and videos from the Sphinx Classical Connections CD-Rom as well as from the New York Philharmonic’s KidZone website. It is a music site that has games and

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