Let’s Dance!

Some of our favorite games when my children were younger involved dancing. No – it wasn’t formal dancing, and it didn’t matter that I had two left feet. It was a move and jump and twirl and fall down and laugh kind of dancing – the best kind if you just want to enjoy some time with your kids. Here are some ideas to

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Writing About a Personal Experience

Write About a Personal Experience Every once in a while when we’re cleaning things out, I’ll come across a box with some of my children’s old journals. We laugh and giggle as we read them together – and reminisce. Even if your child doesn’t keep a journal, it’s still fun to remember and write about a personal experience that had an impact on him.

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Free After-school Classes

Now that kids are back in school and mostly settled into their routines,enriching and fun after-school programs are a priority to find for most families. Let’s face it. Since after-school activities take place in the afternoons of school days, they can really help working parents with childcare until they are done with work. Even though this is our primary motivation for having our kids

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Cursing and Kids

As my son enters the tween stage, he has begun to model his peers more. This has added new pages in his vocabulary, including some colorful language. Since not every parent agrees about what constitutes offensive language, chances are kids are going to come home uttering unacceptable language. To combat this effectively and without a lot of drama, I find setting boundaries for him

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