Just Breathe! Meditation for Children

Recently my son had a problem that kept bugging him despite many efforts to solve it. He just could not get around it. After a couple of weeks, I noticed his sleep was disrupted  and he was a bit short tempered. So I decided to try with him a problem solving technique I had learned long ago in a yoga class. Walking meditation is

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Start a Club!

When we moved, we lost contact with a lot of our friends. The friends who were sure company on a rainy weekend, holiday or after-school. At our new home, where the neighbors did not seem as friendly and the children were non-existent, it was hard to make new friends. Years have come and gone since then and we have new friends. We met them

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Speed Art Appreciation

Where I live, the city art museum provides free entrance on Thursday afternoons. Most large museums across the United States offer similar incentive programs in an effort to make art available and appealing to everyone, regardless of income. To find the museum in your city, just search online for free entrance days to art museums in (your city). As an art school almost-graduate, art

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The Best Dictionary and Encyclopedia Games

The Dictionary Game Players take turns being the trickster in this hilarious, yet educational dictionary game. The trickster must search through the dictionary and select an interesting, unfamiliar word. The trickster then shares and spells the word for the other players. The trickster writes this word and the definition on a slip of paper. The other players must create a fake definition for the

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Get Your Afterschool Program into Shape!

When kids are home from school, sometimes all they want to do is eat junk food and lounge around in front of the television. The folks over at CANFIT who are firm believers in improving the health of today’s youth, have come up with a great resource for anyone in charge of children in afterschool programs. The 99 Ways Toolkit is free to download.

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