Chalk it Up! – Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities

Most kids (and parents and teachers) love to mark up the sides of streets and driveways with some good sidewalk chalk. The designs and possibilities are great for engaging children and having them work towards a finished product. Here are a few ideas that you can do with your kids with some simple chalk and a little imagination.

Hopscotch – This is probably one of the first things that come to mind when people mention chalk. A classic children’s game, all you need to do is draw out boxes with numbers 1-8. You can arrange the boxes however you want. Have kids toss a stone to see which number they have to hop to and back from on one foot. If you fall, you’re out!

Scavenger Hunt – Invite the whole neighborhood or group of friends to join your scavenger hunt. Leave a trail of clues that you have drawn with chalk on the sidewalk. You can make it themed. Pirates? Superheroes? Action Figures? The choice is yours! You can link clues by numbering them and having them lead to a final hidden treasure of some sort!

Roads – Use chalk to create roads for bikes or small cars and trucks to follow. You can draw intersections and stop signs, or other road signals. You can even draw public places like police stations pet stores. Make some of the roads curvy and others straight. With the different places and paths to go, your children will have fun getting around the town.

Bounce Messaging – This two-person game gives kids a way to practice their spelling skills while having fun outside. All you have to do is draw out a telephone keypad with letters and numbers on it. Have two children spell out a message by bouncing a ball back and forth on the corresponding keys. They can call out the letters as they are spelling to reinforce what they are learning!

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  1. Nice ideas, but under UK law, even using chalk could be considered damaging public property and liable to criminal prosecution!

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