Choir for Kids

Singing is a wonderful healing activity. It frees us in a way.  Not everyone can hold a key or a tune but everyone can sing for joy. I haven’t seen that wide smile often as my son has grown however its always present when we sing.  Recently, though, we started searching for local choir groups that would accept kids.

Choir for Kids
We have found there are many options for choir groups through churches, community centers, schools, meet ups among others. If we don’t find one, we have also discussed starting a children’s choir. I figure good choir music, a space to practice and a group of willing kids is the winning recipe.

Since most kids are involved  different sports and hobbies after school, choir practice  will have to be set up later in the day.

In order to get people to sign up, we must market how useful singing is; how it may even increase their abilities in their other activities. In choir children don’t just sing. They learn a lot of useful skills.  For example,  breath control is useful for swimmers, and musicians who use wind instrument. The relaxation techniques used in choir may also help anyone who gets nervous before a game or event, or exam. Another thing they learn to practice on standing tall and how good posture helps to sing better.  It’s also a great skill for dancers, divers and basketball players. Choir warming up is important, so singing at home is a must, which very likely will make for great familial connections.

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Article By Nuria Almeida


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