Community Gardening

About a year ago, a community garden was created in a nearby neighborhood. A community garden is a garden in which many participate come together to work the land, under the guidance of an individual, local government or organization. As a gardening participant, you can sell the food you grow. Who can’t use extra money? This was the selling point for my son to join with me. You can also barter with other gardeners for different produce.

At first, the local community garden looked like a lonely bunch of plants were dropped from the sky into the middle of the plot. When we drive by it now, it is flourishing. There are always people there, including lots of kids.

I looked into it and it turns out we are eligible to join. The personal benefits are obvious- spending quality, one-on-one time with my son, getting exercise, meeting others in the community,and it will provide a learning environment for my son.

Being part of this effort shows him:

-how communities can work to help bring nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables for very little to the community.

-about organic gardening process.

-to implement math concepts in a real world environment (measuring a plot to work in, how far apart to plant, how deep, adding up cost of seeds vs. what to sell them for).

– business skills (sales, bartering, profit, negotiating).

-environmental responsibility (making fresh fruits and vegetables available to areas that are usually urban deserts and simultaneously helping bring more oxygen to reduce air pollution).

– Aesthetic concepts (adding beauty via flowers and green plants to an otherwise barren area).


Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By ilovebutter

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