Cooking with Kids

cooking with kids

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Cooking with Kids

Sometimes during the school year, life gets so hectic that our meals are often quick and easy. And although I get the food ready faster, it’s usually not as tasty or nutritious as it could be. The (hopefully) slower days of summer are a good time to get back to preparing healthy meals. It’s also a great time to start cooking with kids! Not only do we end up with better meals, but we enjoy a lot of quality time in the kitchen. I also slip in some math practice with fractions and measurements.

There are some great websites to help you and your child get started. Here are some of my favorites:

Kids A Cookin’

I really like this site. It’s sponsored by the Kansas State Family Nutrition Program, so there aren’t any ads on the site and there’s no pop-up with a cookbook to buy. I like their statement of purpose, too: “To share the fun and skills of cooking with children, and those who guide them.” You’ll find cooking tips, recipes, and even videos all geared towards kids.

Kids Cooking Activities

This is site has so much to offer! There are basic food facts, recipes, food science experiments, party ideas, and even a bi-monthly contest! There’s so much information here — plan on spending some time going through it all.

The Kids Cook Monday

The recipes on this site are written a little differently. Divided into categories based on the child’s age, each recipe indicates the steps for the adult to do, the steps the child can do, and the steps that the two do together. The pages of articles, blogs, and videos provide links to resources on other sites.

My son’s favorite dishes to cook are pancakes and cupcakes, though not necessarily in that order.

What do you and your child like cooking together?

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