Create It With Sculpey!

Sometimes our days are so busy, it seems like there’s not enough time to get everything done. But then other days have a slower pace. While I welcome those kinds of days, it usually leaves my son saying, “What can I do?” Fortunately, we’ve found a creative answer to that question – modeling with Sculpey!

Sculpey is a type of polymer clay that you can find at most arts and craft stores, as well as online. It comes in an array of colors, as well as glittery shades.  You can also buy it in plain white and paint later with acrylic craft paints.  Once sculpted, you can bake it in the oven to set and harden it.

My children have all enjoyed working with sculpey at one time or another. My girls used to make tiny food out of it for their American Girl dolls. They’ve also made little figures to play with, as well as Christmas ornaments for gifts.

While Sculpey itself is non-toxic, sculpey that is left too long in the oven can release fumes. Children should be supervised as they make their creations, and adults need to be responsible for baking them.

Wondering what to make with Sculpey?

Here are some sites with some neat ideas:

  • Barnyard Tic Tac Toe – Use this tutorial to create your own tic tac toe game complete with pigs and chickens!
  • Beads and Jewelry – This site features links to instructions on how to make nine simple jewelry projects
  • Girls’ Backpack Charms – The official Sculpey site features lots of crafts for kids, including these backpack charms. You can find boys’ backpack charms here.
  • Mother’s Day Presents – Here’s a site with ideas and directions for creating five one-of-a-kind gifts for Mom
  • Pet Rocks – This fun craft from the Sculpey site shows you how to dress up your pet rocks.

What have your children made with Sculpey?

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