Crosswords for Kids

When I was a tween, one of my favorite things to do was the newspaper crossword puzzle. I loved the challenge and the great feeling I got from completing it. I know it also gave me an edge at school. At 10, my son enjoys a lot of different kinds of puzzles and challenges, all delivered technologically.

I introduced him to crossword puzzles online recently. I think crossword puzzles in particular deliver fun and countless intellectual benefits. Players can gain knowledge about different topics as crossword puzzles are available in many categories like geography, science, mathematics, health, holidays, travel, etc. It’s also a fun way to practice and perfect reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. Crossword puzzles also help players sharpen thinking and problem solving skills.

There have been many studies done on the physiological benefits of doing puzzles on the human brain. Crossword puzzles is one of activities doctors recommend to keep neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, at bay. It’s a hobby that is good to start young to get into the habit of doing for the rest of your life. The benefits are worth the commitment.

There are many websites which provide free printable age, difficulty level and interest appropriate crossword puzzles for kids. From what I have seen, these puzzles are challenging. A nice feature Of these sites is the feedback they can provide on the player’s development and progress.

Check out this site for crossword puzzles your child will really enjoy:

Kid Crosswords

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