101 things to do….

101 things to do….

As summer approaches, I try to start making a plan of possible activities to do with my kids and visiting nieces and nephews.  I find this list is just the thing to have on hand when the kids utter the dreaded phrase,”I’m bored!”.


Its amazing when kids say they are bored while they are surrounded by toys and gadgets of all types. Something that works to break the boredom cycle in our kid’s day is to try to find answers to big questions like why is the sky blue?.  It starts like a fun fact searching game.  However it only works for so long.  That’s where the list comes in.  I find crafts in particular help keep them focused and kill  a lot of hours. The benefits of completing a craft project are learning something new and the wonder of completing something.


I found this great site that practically put the list together for me. Everything Etzy  is a site chuck full of project ideas.  I really love the tutorial section. Each tutorial lists 101 projects under that topic, along with links that lead you to the detailed how to. The topics are not outdated.  The site does a good job of keeping up with current trends, upcoming events and current topics of interest.  Here are some of the favorites so far:


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101 Sewing Tutorials


21 Hunger Games Craft Ideas


25 Simple Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts


101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials

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