Drawing with Chalk

Drawing with Chalk

Photo By: Shota Watanabe

Usually, when we think about kids using chalk, we picture them drawing flowers or butterflies on a sidewalk or driveway. They might mark out a hopscotch board and play a game or two. But there are a lot more ways to have fun with chalk, especially if your child loves making crafts.

Drawing with Chalk

These days, you can create a chalkboard-like surface almost anywhere. Art and craft stores as well as hardware stores have what you need. Some ideas you can try:

Chalkboard Paint

This comes in either a can to brush on, or you can purchase it in a spray can. Then show your child how to create a chalkboard surface wherever she’d like! You can paint a wall, a desk, a cabinet, a flowerpot, or the edges of a picture frame – the possibilities are endless!

Adhesive Chalkboard Paper

I discovered this paper this past school year as I was looking for art supplies for a class I was teaching. It’s so easy to use! Just like contact paper, chalkboard paper has a sticky side. Simply peel off the backing and stick it to any surface; you have an instant chalkboard! We stuck ours to some large pieces of mat board; the students had a nice frame for their chalkboard, and it was lightweight enough just to stick to the wall without using nails.

Free to Make Mistakes!

One of the best things I like about using chalk is that it’s not permanent, so there’s no pressure for perfectionism. No matter what your child creates, it will eventually be erased. If she makes a mistake, that’s okay; she can just start again. Drawing with chalk is a great way to get in lots of practice drawing, as well as writing letters and numbers.

Does your family have a creative way for drawing with chalk?

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