Easy Cookie Recipe

Easy Cookie Recipe

Whenever we have an event to attend and we need to bring something sweet along, we always go for this oh-so-easy cookie recipe. It’s simple to put together, and after you’ve made them a few times with your child, he’ll be able to do it all by himself!

What You’ll Need

2 eggs

1/2 cup of oil

1 box of cake mix (any kind)

Anything you want to add to the cookies, such as candies, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.

Getting Started

All cooks know you always begin by washing your hands! If you wash up with your child, you can show him how to wash his hands thoroughly (again). As you do, explain to him the importance of working with clean hands.

Have your child help you gather the supplies. Show him where you store all the things that he will need, such as a measuring cup, a large mixing bowl, a large spoon, and a cookie sheet.

Start Baking!

Open the box of cake mix and have your child pour it into the mixing bowl.

Next, show your child how to use a measuring cup. Then have him measure out the correct amount of oil and pour it into the bowl.

Show him how to break an egg and drop it into the bowl. Allow him to break the second egg. My children have always been a little squeamish about this at first, but once they get the hang of it, it’s one of their favorite parts. Tell your child not to worry if a few pieces of the shell fall into the bowl; just show him how to pick them out.

Now it’s time to stir! Show your child how to mix everything together with a large spoon.

After everything is mixed, it’s time to add the extras. I’ve found 6 ounces of chocolate chips is plenty for one box of cake mix.

Next, place spoonfuls of the dough on a cookie sheet. This is a lot of fun to do together.

Now it’s your turn! Put them in the oven for about 12 – 13 minutes at 350 degrees.

That’s it! You’ll have a pan-full of delicious, soft cookies!


There’s lots of room for variation, and you’re child can come up with his own combinations. We’ve made chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, cookies from white cake mix with candies in them, even strawberry and lemon cookies with sprinkles on top.

Do you have a favorite dessert you make with your child?

Photo by elana’s pantry

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