Easy Fun with Etsy!

This week it rained or felt too muggy to go out and do fun stuff so my son asked for a new game. The one he wanted was on sale for more then he had saved so he settled for another. On the way, he grumbled about wanting the other game so I suggested we come up with a way he can make some money.

I hear more and more about entrepreneurial kids utilizing the internet to earn hard cash. We looked into eBay, Etsy and Craigslist. The one we decided on was Etsy.

Etsy is a social commerce website solely for selling and buying handmade and vintage items and art and craft supplies. Art pieces, original photography, and handmade clothing, jewelry, beauty products etc. are prime examples of what can be found on Etsy.

Adults get their wares to the masses using Etsy but so can supervised children.  It’s simple to register. You do need a credit card to verify your identity and to cover the costs, which are a $1.01 for initial start-up and $.20 per listed item. This covers a four month posting for each item.

Kids are able to create a lot on their own.  For example, my son makes some intricate origami and can paint some really unique, surreal portraits. Other examples of things children can make and sell on this site:

-beaded jewelry

-friendship bracelets

-knitted items, such as scarves and blankets -tie dye t-shirts

My son can make as much money as he wants, with enough effort, perseverance and creativity. It’s wonderful lesson on self-reliance.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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