Egg Shakers – Music Makers!

Egg Shakers - Music Makers!

Though Easter has long passed, I’m still finding plastic eggs around the house and in the yard. When I do, I usually take out any left-over candy and tuck the eggs away in a bin to use again next year. However, a much more fun idea is to use them to create music! This is an especially fun craft for younger children, though older children will enjoy it as well. All you’ll need is:

  • Plastic eggs (one or more per person)
  • Dry beans, such as navy beans, great northern beans, or pinto beans
  • Rice
  • Tape
  • Stickers

Optional for older children:

  • Hot glue gun (low temp)
  • Decorative items such as ribbon, sequins, plastic jewels, string, lace

To create an “egg-shaker”, open the plastic egg and put beans in the bottom half. Then place the top part of the egg on tightly. You can have your child experiment with how many beans to add; fewer beans will make a different sound than an egg with a lot of beans.  Your child can also try different kinds of beans to see what sounds they make. Use rice for another variation. If you have a number of eggs, you can create a different sound with each one.

When you’re child is satisfied with the sound of the egg, put a piece of tape around the opening to seal it well. Then decorate the egg with stickers.  Older children can decorate the egg with other items using a glue gun. Be sure to make one for yourself as well!

That’s it! Now it’s time to put those eggs to use! Get out a CD of your favorite songs and show your child how to use his new instrument to keep in time to the music. March in a parade around the house or shake it in the car. Anywhere he “plays” his new instrument, he’s sure to have a lot of fun!

Photo by partymonstrrrr

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