End of the Year Memory Book

Our family plays a dinner game at the end of each year in which we each try to quickly and succinctly list the top ten things we remember from the year. It can be an event, a dream, a disappointment, a lesson, an outing…just anything that we want to never forget.

This year it was my son’s idea to add to this tradition by creating a memory book to help reflect back on all of our memories of the year in a visual way.

We decided to make a list of possible headings for the memory book to keep us on track, making sure to include  a drawing, or photo whenever possible:

– Favorite things of the year- best song, best friend, best video game,etc.

-If I Could Do it All Over Again

-Embarrassing Moment

-Favorite Trip

-Pivotal Moment— a time when you made an important decision or made a realization -Unbelievable Moments -Dreams and Goals realized and for the future -Time Capsule- ask yourself if you could save one item from this year,what would it be and why?

-Most Awesome Moment

This last category my son said he already knew how he would fill out. I was almost positive he was going to tell me that it was when he beat a really hard video game he was working on for most of the year.  He surprised me by saying instead that the most awesome moment this year was when he saw his little sister take her very first solo step.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By DNAMichaud

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