Exercising Afterschool

School provides about 30 minutes of free play time for children daily. I know that my 10 year old needs at least double that to be happy and to sleep well.  If he is able to get more than that the benefits increase significantly.

By being active and exercising daily, my son develops stronger muscles and bones and is less likely to become overweight. He also decreases his risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are all genetically predisposed diseases in our family.

I also know exercising puts my son in a good mood because vigorous activity makes his brain release endorphins which may make him feel good.

When I was a kid, I jumped rope and skipped down my street.  Nowadays, kids go home and play video games, perpetuating a sedentary lifestyle. The video game platforms Wii and Xbox Kinnect ensure that kids remain active while playing a video game. Its definitely worth the investment. Of course, getting fresh air is best but if that’s not possible, these are good alternatives.  Games and activities that include aerobic exercise, such as basketball, bicycling, ice-skating, soccer, swimming, roller blading,tennis and running are the best choices.

For muscle building exercises, a game for fitness may be used.  However, a circuit of push-ups, pull-ups,tug-of-war with another child or the family dog or rowing a canoe will keep your child strong and fit.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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  1. I agree, some of the best exercises involve sports especially when it pertains to kids, but you cant forget about football. That sport involves just as much cardio as soccer would when you’re a kid. Plus that was the most played sport for me in elementary school

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