Express Yourself with Disney Create!

Disney characters that are recognizable to children can help them become more comfortable when learning new things or trying new activities. Because children can relate to these characters that they see so often on television and in the movies, they are more likely to open up their minds and express their creativity in their work.

Disney Create is a great interactive site that is perfect for all Disney fans. This online activity center features some of the most popular Disney characters. From Tinkerbell to Buzz Lightyear, your children will recognize some of their favorite characters from their favorite movies.

The site offers so many tools that your children can be entertained for hours on end! It is free to register and you can share your creations with whoever you want.

With the Group Wall, work from user submissions is used to create a big mosaic picture each month. Animods, or animated pets, are available for you to draw and teach tricks to. With the digital painter, you can make and paint your own art work with your favorite characters.

The Photo Mash Up allows you to mix and match photos from popular Disney shows together. You can also do the same with images and music from their musical shows and movies, too! The Comic Creator allows users to create their own strip using Disney characters and scenes.

With so many tools and applications, children will be intrigued by their very own Disney creations. It is a great way to get their imagination going through the summer months!

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