Extending Academic Learning by Skyping

My son uses the online video conferencing tool Skype when he’s gaming. It allows him to speak to friends and see them while they play.  Lately though Skype has become a wonderful tool for extending academic  learning in the after school hours.


Skype has the ability to help kids make connections with people in the community and around the world. Skype’s many communication methods- voice, text and video- also provide with the opportunity to learn through the different senses and it’s free to download and use.


All you need is a computer with high-speed Internet connection and an inexpensive web cam. Once you download Skype onto your computer and install, just create a free account.


We use Skype and ePals Global Community to connect to pen pals, speakers through video chat, including community leaders, businesspeople, other professionals, authors and storytellers.


The global community of ePals makes peer homework help afterschool between older and younger children at home who have Skype accounts. This has been a wonderful help for my son.


Though we have not done this yet, Skype accounts and ePals also can enable kids to share and collaborate on projects  or more involved homework assignments like book reports and other writing assignments. Kids can brainstorm together, debate subjects and role play presentations.


And it’s all free. Right from your living room computer, your child’s world can expand.  The opportunities are endless to learn, grow, experience new cultures and use exciting technology.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By woodleywonderworks

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