Fairy Gardens

I am always searching for activities my 10 year old son and 20 month old daughter can do together. It’s hard since their interests and skill levels are so different.

Recently I found a great activity that sparked both their imaginations- creating a fairy garden.

From the little bit of research I did, I found fairy gardens are like a worldwide craft phenomena. People are creating fairy gardens in public parks, on their own property, on the side of a highway, just about anywhere.

Its a simple project since it is small in size, but it can get very involved. It could take up an afternoon, or go on for months. A fairy garden can occupy whatever space you have no matter how small, in the ground or in a basket on a patio or stoop. The only requirement is that it be small enough so that it is cozy, inviting and magical to your child.

Your child can learn a lot by taking part- about basic gardening, construction, color and design, even ‘building’ planning experience. Though supply and craft stores have plenty of materials to use in this project, including pre-made furniture,it is more educational and fun to try to build everything from nature; with items they would find in the yard or on a hike. For example, an acorn cap could be a tiny pond, a nut shell could be a tiny birdbath. An established plant could be a tree in a fairy garden.

My little one loves moving all the pieces of the garden around while my son enjoyed building the house and tiny bridge.  It’s been a wonderful endeavor.

For fairy garden ideas, visit Ehow instructions here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Southern Foodways Alliance

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