Family and Consumer Science

Family and consumer science, or home economics, is the study of nutrition, cooking, parenting, interior decoration, textiles, gardening, and other practical aspects of home management. These skills have long been attributed as a requirement to the feminine gender only and have in the last twenty years or so completely fallen off the map.

I realized this when I realized our local schools do not offer a Home Economics course at all in any level.

Certainly the absence of Home Economics in schools is ultimately a detriment to society because the majority of each new generation completely lacks this important life skill.

Home economics is for everyone; both genders and any walk of life. Learning hands on the basic skills of cooking, sewing, cleaning, ironing, basic home repair etc is vital. These are skills that can be used throughout life.

Not only does it help save money on buying new clothes or paying a professional for simple repairs, it can also be imperative in countless other situations, such as camping, survival and business trips.

Society devalues the skill involved in keeping the home. These skills are taken for granted. In general, it seems, people believe these skills can be learned on the fly. Thats true but only to a certain extent. Not knowing these basic life skills can prove to be large obstacle if not taught properly and early.

With that in mind, I have decided to dedicate one evening a week to family and consumer science. First lesson for my son is how to check and change the oil in our car.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Mrs. Jenny Ryan

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  1. Great article. Never has there been a time when FACS is more important. We see it in health problems in children and adults. People no longer understand the value of nutrition – nor how to make healthy meals. We see it in lack of financial acumen, which manifests in credit card debt and total negligence in budget. I love the idea of teaching your son valuable FACS lessons – starting with car repair is a great way to go! He’s lucky to have a parent who appreciates the value of FACS lessons and can teach him important lifetime skills!

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