Fandex Field Guides

One of my favorite tools for learning with my kids is our Fandex Field Guides. These guides aren’t in the typical book format; rather, each “page” is in the shape of a bookmark with a colorful image at the top. Below the image are interesting facts and other information about the topic. All of the pages are fastened together at the bottom so they can “fan” out as you read them.

Fandex Field Guides

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Fandex guides cover all types of subject areas, including science, history, art, music, literature, and geography. You’ll find a Fandex about the US presidents, Civil War generals, Greek myths, ancient Egypt, Native Americans, explorers, composers, and artists. There are Fandex guides about dinosaurs, cats, dogs, insects, birds, and butterflies. Another one tells about the human body. There are even Fandex guides for comic book heroes and Star Wars characters.

One of our favorites has been about trees. This Fandex features many trees from our area. The top of each page has the image of a leaf; we have been able to match up those leaves with some of the leaves on the trees in our yard. Now it’s easy to recognize the sweet gums, maples, sassafras trees, oak, and beech trees. This spring we’ll use the wildflower Fandex and discover what else is growing all around us.

What are your children studying? Are they learning about the 50 states? There’s a Fandex for that! Are you taking a trip to New York City or Washington D.C.? There’s a Fandex for that, too! Look for them in bookstores and online.

Has your family used Fandex field guides? Which one does your family like best?

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