Food Allergies Can Affect Mood

We have been lucky in our lives not to encounter any serious food sensitivities in our children. I do know of many friends and family who deal with this- in some cases, it’s been very serious. Though my friends stories are all different, one thing always remains constant. They almost all say food sensitivities affect the mood and personality of their children. They only realize this after their child has been treated.

I thought I would share one case in particular.  This child exhibited signs of depression to extreme irritation, wide arcs in mood, and agitation. Sometimes he seemed ok. The worst behavior was after school. It had come to a head when the school suggested medication to control his behavior. The parents had a hunch it was food related. Unfortunately, they were without insurance, had very little options when they began to suspect this.

The mom is a very resourceful person.  When she realized the doctor visit alone would cost over the amount she had to spend, she decided to go a different route.

She ordered a test from a lab (stool test) for her son on her own. She did not need a doctor to represent her. When she got the results, the test showed a gluten and casein sensitivity.

Since she started a new diet for him based on these results, she says the improvements in his behavior and mood are like night and day. Their days are peaceful finally.

Isolating a food sensitivity can be done through an elimination diet as well.

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