Fun that is “Bigger than a Breadbasket.”

Do you want the opportunity to amaze your family and friends?  If the answer is yes, then log on to and prepare to be flabbergasted!

This is an online version of the classic game that older generations can remember playing on the long car trips to their grandparents’ house.  The difference is that instead of a person asking the questions, now a super-smart computer program is doing the asking.  Why is this computer program so smart?  Because it learns from you!

When you log on to , it will ask you what language you want to play in.  Next, you can choose from several different types of 20 questions games.  You can play the classic 20 questions game that still starts off with the question that older people will remember – “Is it an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral?”  Or, you can choose one of the other fun categories, such as 20Q Movies, 20QMusic, 20QSports, or another interesting theme.

After you’ve chosen a category, you need to think of something for the computer to guess.  If you’re amazing your family or friends, have them write the topic down.  Then, start answering the computer’s questions!  It’s important to answer each question as best as you can.  If the computer asks a question you’re unsure of, there is the option to answer “Unknown, Irrelevant, Sometimes, Probably, or Doubtful.”  The computer will take you through a series of questions, and when it thinks it has the right answer, it will make a guess.  More times than not, the computer will be right, and you’ll swear that it’s cheating!

The most incredible thing about the 20Q program is not that it can guess all of the silly things you might think of, but how the program works!  Each time you play 20 Questions, the computer gets a little smarter.  It is constantly “learning” from the answers that people give.  Every time a person plays, it gathers a little more information on the subjects.

When the computer makes a guess, you have the option to choose “Right, Wrong, or Close.”  If you choose wrong or close, the computer will continue to ask questions and make guesses.  If you choose right, the computer will take you to a screen that shows you what questions you answered that other people answered differently.  It’s amazing that even if you answered a few questions “wrong,” 20Q can still guess what you’re thinking of!

If the computer does not guess what you were thinking of, you have the option to type in your answer and submit it.  Maybe you had a topic that no one had ever thought of before!

20 Questions is a fun way to learn how asking the right questions can lead you to the correct answers.  The stranger and more silly the things you think of are, the more shocked you’ll be when the computer guesses your topic!  If you really want to stun your family or friends, try having them play the game without them knowing you’re using the computer’s questions and answers – they’ll think you’re a psychic!

Article By Jonathon Kus

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