Fun Things To Do On Rainy Afternoons

We try not to let cold, gloomy, rainy days ruin our free time. There are so many fun and creative ways to make fun around the house.  Here are some  ways we stop the rain from dampening our spirits.

Word Games are a wonderful way to connect with children. It’s also a good brain exercise but it doesn’t feel like work.

-Create a fairy tale or ghost story one-word at a time. The first person says “Once upon a time,” then the second adds another word an so on.  Be creative and outrageous.

-Rhyme the time away.  Say a word and the next  person comes up with a word that rhymes with it, and so on. Let your child come up with  the first word.  You will probably be surprised at your child’s vocabulary depth!

-Create an make believe monster together. Bounce monster  ideas and details until a monster has been created.  For extra fun,  draw the monster in large scale and in color.

-Make a Memory Collage they will cherish forever.  With pictures of family and friends, some old magazines you don’t mind cutting, a piece of card board, scissors and glue sticks, you can create a unique wall hanging they will love to look at. Cut the outlines of the people in the pictures and glue them on to a glossy magazine panoramic picture. In ours, we are standing in front of exotic locales, on top of volcanoes, and beside some indigenous people.  Making it with you makes it even more special.  And the laughs will be bountiful.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By amandabhslater

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