Game On! – Punctuation Games

Educational games are always a fun and easy way to get kids to practice their academics and have fun at the same time. The summer time is the perfect opportunity for kids to brush up on what they have been learning all year long in school. By simply spending a few minutes each day on the computer with games like these, kids can keep up with their writing skills they have been practicing in the classroom.

Once such game is Quotation Marks, which is a millionaire style game. Answer the questions correctly to earn more money! You can also click on the hint button three times to help answer the question if you get stuck!

With end punctuation you can practice proper grammar and punctuation with this pop up game review. Immediate answers will tell you which you answered correctly or incorrectly, along with the right answer.

Both of these games are just a few examples of the types of activities your children can do while home for the summer. Games are fun and learning should be too. The more they play, the better they will get at whatever topic they are studying. Just another quick and easy way to pass the summer months and get a little schooling in at the same time!

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