Geometry lessons for Parents & Kids

If your child needs a little extra help with geometry and learning shapes and angles, or if he or she just needs a quick review, this activity is a fun one to try. Here’s what you’ll need:


Cardboard Shapes:  These should include whatever shapes your child is learning, such as circle, right triangle, equilateral triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, octagon, pentagon, and trapezoid.  You can use several of the same shapes in different sizes.  Thin cardboard, such as cardboard from a cereal box, is easy to cut and should hold up well.

Paper lunch bag or small gift bag

Game 1: For Younger Students

Place the shapes in the bag and close it. Have your student shake the bag to mix them up. Next, have her reach into the bag and pull out a shape. If she identifies it correctly, she gets to place it on the table. You can make one pile for circles, one for squares, one for triangles, etc.  If she doesn’t get the name right, tell her the correct name, and then have her drop the shape back in the bag. Keep going until all of the shapes are out.

Game 2:  For Third Grade and Up

Put all of the shapes in the bag and mix them up. Then place your hand in the bag and pick up a shape.  Don’t pull the shape out. Instead, with your hand still in the bag, describe the shape in terms of angles and sides. For a circle, you might say, “This shape has no angles.” For a rectangle, you could say, “This shape has four sides. Two sides are longer than the other two. It has four right angles.”

When your child guesses the shape, it’s his turn to choose one.  Have him reach his hand in the bag and describe the shape he picks up, just as you did. Take your best guess!

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