Get Started – Afterschool Training Toolkit

When people start a new project or program, sometimes they feel a little lost. It is comforting when you know there is a place where you can find all the resources you need to help you get started.


The SEDL National Center for Quality Afterschool is an organization that helps state education agencies and local practitioners develop high-quality, balanced programs that provide a safe and fun environment for students around the country. With sponsors and partners, they develop tools and resources to help afterschool directors improve their ability to create activities that support student learning. SEDL also provides regional afterschool training events directly for three of the eight regions designated by the U.S. Department of Education.

A great resource that is available on their site is the Afterschool Training Toolkit. This is perfect for people just starting an afterschool program or training new people to work in one. Here you will find research based practices, sample lessons, video examples and resources that help build academic enrichment in afterschool programs. The toolkit was designed with the idea that students who are engaged in activities will have a desire to learn more. The components give afterschool directors resources to create a fun and academically enriching environment for their students.

The toolkit has standards-based resources like interactive activities and videos that will give you how-to instructions on afterschool learning. Research has shown that afterschool programs that are fun, accessible and motivate students to participate. With homework help, and professional development, this toolkit is sure to give you all the resources to start a great afterschool program.

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