Get Your Afterschool Program into Shape!

When kids are home from school, sometimes all they want to do is eat junk food and lounge around in front of the television. The folks over at CANFIT who are firm believers in improving the health of today’s youth, have come up with a great resource for anyone in charge of children in afterschool programs. The 99 Ways Toolkit is free to download. CANFIT continuously partners with communities in order to build capacity and leadership among children. They also help in advancing sustainable change in low income communities and communities of color.

In this downloadable interactive booklet, you will find everything you need from nutrition and fitness plans to food purchasing tips to help parents make smarter decisions on what they are feeding their kids. The main goal of this tool kit is to make the community and youth a healthier place.

In the toolkit you will find simple ideas that can go a long way in improving health. Some of the topics covered include topics such as providing time for physical activity, getting families involved, promoting a positive body image and promoting healthy eating. The ideas from this book can be integrated easily into any afterschool program or even at home with families.

The children of today’s society are the ones that will soon be leading the world in the future. By properly educating and training them on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, they can pass these habits on to future generations, making the world a healthier place.

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