Getting Creative with Legos

Getting Creative with Legos

My youngest loves Legos, and it seems like he has a room full of them. Almost every Christmas and birthday since he was about four years old, he has asked for a lego set. At first, he’ll build the set following the instructions. Then, over time, the set becomes dismantled and turns into something else.

Lego Gifts

This holiday season was all about Legos for our family. We exchange gifts with extended family, and the theme this year was Legos. Everyone had to make a gift out of Legos for someone else. It was neat to see what people came up with: picture frames, pencil holders, key racks, ornaments, and even homemade wooden Legos!

Lego Contest

My youngest also had the chance to participate in a contest at a nearby arboretum. The theme of the contest: Legos! While my son didn’t win, he did create a great “sculpture” featuring friends having a picnic high up on a mountain.

Lego Sculptures

The arboretum sponsored the contest because it was featuring the artwork of Lego sculptor Sean Kenny.  So after we picked up his entry, we got to go around and see all of Kenny’s work. There was a bison and calf, a koi, a giant rose, even a life-size gardener. It was amazing and inspiring!

Lego Ideas

Want to have some fun with Legos? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Lego Party

Host a Lego party! When we had a Lego party, I was able to purchase a collection of miscellaneous minifigures from someone in our town. I gave each child a minifigure and a stack of Legos. The children had to build a house for their minifigures. We gave out awards for each house, such as “Most Creative”, “Tallest”, and “Most Colorful.”

Lego Scavenger Hunt

Plan a Lego scavenger hunt! Hide Lego blocks in plain sight around your house. See how many your child and/or his friends are able to find. Give a prize (such as a minifigure) to the child who finds the most.

Building With Legos Together

Build with Legos along with your child. There’s nothing like spending time with your child, and if he loves to build with Legos, join him! There are books available at the library or online that are filled with ideas of what you can make. Daniel Lipkowitz is the author of two of them: LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks Life and The LEGO Ideas Book.

What has your family been doing with Legos lately?

Photo by Shrisha R

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