Give the Gift Of Time

I only have two children and I find it hard to make sure that I spend some alone time with each of them each day. During the holiday break, we have an opportunity to five the gift of time – special time to spend together.

Give the Gift Of Time

We parents know spending quality time with our children is one of the best investments we can make in their self- esteem and general well being.

I was running ragged the other night when my son asked if I wanted to watch a funny video with him and his little sister.  I started to say I was too busy when it suddenly hit me that this is what they want. My time.  My undivided attention. Not expensive toys or clothes. They love most when I am right there with them, sharing a moment.

During this season of giving, I plan to give each of my children the gift of time. During these stressful times especially, it’s very important. I was all set to set up dates with each to do something together, but that was stressing me out.

Then I realized that creating special moments with my kids is easier than I think.  I see that in my boring daily routines, like doing the dishes, dusting, sweeping, I can connect with my children.

It takes only a few minutes to snuggle, read a story, or to tell them how much they mean to me- all perfect ways to create spontaneous quality time with them.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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